Well, there goes Karl Marx

There’s nothing like a cram of commuters with their thousand-yard stares and morning breath to make me miss my bike ride to school in Grand Rapids. See, riding trams can be dull. Usually, we pass the time with books or conversation or podcasts of Prairie Home Companion, but a few of us recently started playing people watching games, which is definitely fun in a cosmopolitan city of 1.7 million.

The best is trying to find famous people look-alikes. So far we’ve got Woody Allen on tram 41, Robin from the Bee Gees on tram 47, and the spitting image of Karl Marx in the Great Market. Jay was the first to spot Karl while a few of us were on break from a class at Corvinus, and his delivery, “Well, there goes Karl Marx,” was priceless. Jay’s also seen Lenin on tram 49, and today he spotted Ernest Hemingway on the 47. I’ve been keeping my nose buried in Anna Edes lately. Guess I’ve got to pay more attention if I’m going to keep up!

Queenie passing time on the tram.

Queenie passing time on the tram.

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