How do I describe that shade of red?

Thanksgiving abroad is a potluck affair, and I was responsible for all things cranberry. Liz and Drew (whose visit was wonderful, a cause for thanks giving if you’ll pardon the expression) brought a can of jellied stuff, but I found some fresh ones in the import market and decided to make my first go cooking up that North American wonder berry.

I found a marvelous and simple recipe and set to work. I boiled the water, added the sugar, washed the berries and put ’em in the pot. Pretty soon, they started bursting, making this underwater pop pop pop. It was marvelous. The music, the color, the tart-sweet smell, the thickening texture and (I did sneak some) the taste.

It turned out well. I made one batch with orange peel and one with blackberries and cinnamon, and if I didn’t have to pay for them to be imported all the way from Wisconsin, I would probably make enough to eat for breakfast every day I’m here.

I missed being home for Thanksgiving, as it’s probably my favorite holiday and always a good time spent with family. But we made it work over here, and I’ll see you all soon enough. Is that Christmas music I hear?

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