Finding happiness

As our time here winds down, a lot of us find ourselves emotionally stranded between two continents. It’s a little hard. Here are a few bright moments that have made our last two weeks here a little better:

-Getting the tram driver who greets riders over the PA system and draws out every syllable of each stop name to make everyone laugh.

-Finally meeting the woman who lives down the hall. She noticed us all sitting in the hallway to get on the internet since it stopped working in our room and brought us some pillows and a foam mat to make us more comfortable.

-Trying to use up all of our last food. Everyone’s been baking cookies (and sharing) as we try to get rid of all that flour and sugar.

-Sharing tea and conversation in the kitchen every night as we realize we won’t all be as close when we get home.

-Desperately trying to visit all the pubs, museums and sights of wonder in the city that we haven’t yet experienced in between writing our final papers and studying for exams. It’s exiting, if a little stressful.

One response to “Finding happiness

  1. America will welcome you back with open arms – what a great experience for you, Emily. UD is jealous!

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