In America

I’ve got a cat sleeping on my lap and there’s snow outside my window, which means I’m definitely home. There’s a lot to say about that, but I’ll just stick to one element of being back on this pleasant peninsula; it’s so much fun to understand speech in all its idiomatic glory.

When we got to the airport in Detroit, I was ecstatic with all the sounds, all the different accents, all the jokes, and all the nuance. Waiting for the airport tram, I found myself listening for Hungarian in the automated announcement, trying to pick out words or sounds. But then I realized, hey, I understand all of that!

Our professor warned us that we’d also understand people being cynical or mean to each other, and he’s right, that’s hard. But there’s so much else to love, even, as I’m enjoying right now, hearing Dianne Rehm’s famed voice on 104.1.

Jet lag hasn’t been difficult for me, but Facebook’s obviously struggling; it’s still giving me ads in Hungarian. Sajnos, nem ertem.

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