Have you donated yet?

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

I know it’s been a number of days since the earthquake in Haiti, but the problems caused by that disaster are still worsening. Many organizations, from the Red Cross to UN Peacekeeping forces, are active in Haiti working to meet people’s needs, but as people still struggle to find basic necessities, violence has broken out as police try to control rampant looting. Meanwhile, weakened political leadership and poor infrastructure make distributing aid, helping the wounded and burying the dead even more difficult.

You’ve probably heard of the possibility of sending donation through text-messages; send a text to a certain number, confirm that you’d like to donate with a second text, and a $10 donation will be charged to your next mobile bill. I did it this afternoon after images I saw on the NY Times website helped me see the devastation that has taken place.

You can afford $10. It’s turning the thermostat down a few degrees for the rest of this month, or eating a meal with friends in your own kitchen instead of going out together. I had thought about donating a few days ago and never got around to it, or decided I could stand the guilt, or made some other subconscious excuse, but the photographs from Haiti made me change my mind, and it was so easy that there really should be no excuse.

The White House Blog has reliable information on ways to donate. Check it out.

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