A stroller tale

I drove a woman shopping today with her 18-month old baby girl. When we got to the store, the baby had fallen asleep, so we figured we’d make it easier by me staying in the car with her while her mom went in to shop. Predictably, the baby woke up, and, finding her ma missing, started crying—fiercely. So I got out the stroller and we strolled in to find the only woman who could comfort her. When we found her (or rather, when she found us by the sound of the crying), the woman set her girl up in the baby seat that shopping carts are handily equipped with, and I returned with the stroller to wait in the car.

So here’s the situation: I’ve just walked into Wal*Mart with a sobbing baby. Maybe two minute later, I walk out with an empty stroller. I was pretty sure that someone would stop me and ask me where I had abandoned that poor, sweet child, but no, no questions. Just an enthusiastic greeter telling me to have a friendly good day.

Really? No one thought I was suspicious? We’ll blame it on inattention—or maybe a bit of white privilege—but I found it a little startling. At any rate, we all got out of the store without incident, shopping completed, and made it home in time to change a dirty diaper. Kids are the greatest.

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