Plans for vacation, from Bland Rapids

Wrote this for Chimes with a little help from one Mr. Oregon.

This spring break, I want Togo on a trip around the world, starting in West Africa. It’s kind of a short time for such a long trip, but what are you Ghana do? Skip class? I’ve Benin school long enough to know that’s a bad idea. The thing is, I need someone to Sierre Leone me some cash for plane tickets. Kenya do me the favor? We Congo together if you like; I know you want to shake Djibouti in clubs around the world! Qatar your other plans? They can’t possibly be as cool. Oman, this is Syria-sly going to be a good spring break.

From the Mediterranean, we can rent a car to drive through southern Asia. If we have car trouble, just Bangladesh board until it runs again, and if the roads are Laos-y, we’ll distract ourselves with singing. I just love listening to John Denver on road trips, but I guess I Singapore rendition of “Country Roads,” so maybe we should pack some CDs instead. What Japan-ing to bring in terms of music?

By that point in the week, we’ll be Russian right over to Europe. But be careful sightseeing, because if Ukraine your neck too bad through the Carpathian mountains, we’ll have to find a doctor to Czech out your injury. I’ll pack sandwiches, Slovenia get Hungary you’ll have something to eat, but if there’s Moldova the bread, we should throw them out and buy Greece-y street food instead. I can’t decide where to go next, but Vatican say for sure is that there’s Norway I’m going farther north than the Elbe — not unless you Sweden the deal somehow. And/orra, we can split up for a day or two if it’s not too big of a Spain.

We’ll end the week in the Americas. Maybe we can pick up a Paraguays to go dancing with, or perhaps we’ll Peru-se some books in the homelands of García Márquez and Allende. By that time, I Belize we’ll have to head home — but with an itinerary like this, Jamaican me think we’ll never want spring break to end! And when we do get back to school, Canada-y go by when we don’t wish we were travelling? I guess that’s just life in good old Bland Rapids.

One response to “Plans for vacation, from Bland Rapids

  1. This rocks my socks off.

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