I grow old… I grow old…

My friend Scot is a photographer, and he posted some terrific photos he took with an analog camera on his blog yesterday along with some musings about the nature of shooting with film instead of taking digital pictures. I’m no photographer, but I think there’s a tactile quality about shooting film that I can understand the appeal of. I also think this appeal can be appreciated even by younger people who first learned to take pictures on a digital camera.

Scot’s love for film, and my own, doesn’t make us old people, although we might be some of the last American young people who first snapped pictures by looking through a view finder and not at a two-inch LCD screen. We just appreciate the peculiar advantages of older technologies, like record enthusiasts. Right?

But today, I found myself explaining what a floppy disk is (was?) to a high school student, and at Calvin, when I told someone I’m doing research on a microfiche collection, I had to explain what microfiche is. Am I actually old enough to remember obsolescent technologies? Well dang, J. Alfred, I wore the bottoms of my trousers rolled today too!

I took a Pew quiz a couple of days ago called “How Millennial are you?“—that’s the generation I’m supposed to belong to—and I scored a 38. That means I’m practically a baby boomer by attitudes and technology habits. Man. Never mind that I found the quiz on Facebook. But if there’s one thing I learned growing up in the 90s, it’s that internet quizzes never lie. That’s how I know for absolute fact that the kind of cheese I most resemble is Shropshire Blue and that my magic power is to breathe underwater.

OK, well, I think Jeopardy’s about to start, so I probably better get myself a glass of prune juice and find the zapper.

One response to “I grow old… I grow old…

  1. Hi Emma, I came back to your blog to reread some of your posts from Bulgaria. I didn’t know that you continued your blog but I’m glad you did. Fun to read. Like your speech, very nice.

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