Like a fever

Last week, we had four days of humid hell here in eastern Michigan. At night it stormed and poured rain, knocking out electricity and shutting off fans; during the day it alternated between drizzle and hot, muggy sunshine. The temperature barely dipped below 78 at night, and during the day we had heat advisories up to 100. I went running on Saturday morning in a light rain and hung my bra up to dry after, but when I went to bed, it was as damp as if I’d just taken it off.

Then yesterday, like a fever, it broke.¬†Saturday night, the humidity hung heavy in the air. It made the sunset glow in a peacefully oppressive way. But Sunday morning was crisp and clear—perfect weather for hanging laundry outside.

Thankfully, the students’ tempers are starting to break, too. Rounding the weekend into the second-to-last week, they can finally see the end. Homesickness has almost fully kicked the bucket, they’ve had the tough talks with the people who’ve driven them up walls and hurt their feelings, and their house meeting last night was a beautiful example of direct democracy. They spoke in order, passed resolutions, and—miracle of miracles—debated their ideas with minimal accusation or bullying for votes.

Let’s hope this weather lasts.

A drinking glass left on the roof patio during last week's storms.

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