Hey bear, whoa bear!

I’m currently sitting in my sister Leah’s apartment where she and our cousin Shannon are trying to remember the dance moves to Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” These are the sort of good times that make a person forget to write. This is a good vacation.

I was thinking again today, coming down a mountain from a campsite without cell service (or toilets, for that matter), about how processing our experiences through technology is a part of the experience itself. Thinking back while we drove home about the pictures we’d taken, Leah suggested that Shannon title her album “Awkward pictures of Leah. And camping,” to which I shouted something along the lines of, “Like!” (although Leah will want me to note that the awkwardest picture in the bunch was actually of me). None of us ever mentioned Facebook in the course of this exchange, but we all knew exactly what we were talking about, just as I’m sure you did, reader. And now I’m blogging about it—you see?

Anyway, it was a great camping trip, and while the near-full moon wasn’t visible behind the clouds and the rain was a bit of a downer, I think we all had a good time. Leah’s fiance cooks a mean open-fire salmon fillet, and I got to share my sweet knowledge about bear safety. It’s been a long time since my clothes smelled like campfire smoke.

I often take for granted how close my extended family is, and even though we often see each other at widely spaced intervals, we always pick up right where we’ve left off. Looking forward to seeing more of them in the next few days!

Props to Justin Kellow for the new header photograph.

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