Well, the landform of the week didn’t really pan out, eh? I’ve been swamped for the past month and half with school, work, and grad school applications, and extracurricular writing has taken a necessary backseat to an array of other projects. But in exactly a week, I will be done with undergraduate classes for good, and I think I can promise better weekly posting averages in January.

On the website of one of the schools I’m applying to, I accidentally learned about a weather phenomenon called a fogbow. It’s kind of beautiful, no?

A fogbow is similar to a rainbow, except that it’s formed by refraction in fog rather than in rain drops, and because fog droplets are so much smaller than rain drops, the different wavelengths of light that produce the colors of a rainbow all smear together and appear white. This photo also shows a similarly produced ring around the photographer’s head, which is called—really—a glory.

One week, friends!

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