Some changes

This month, I am officially graduating. The presentation date for my history thesis is set (6 p.m. on Feb. 15 for interested persons in Grand Rapids), which means my last graduation requirement will be completed in exactly two weeks.

I figure this justifies some life changes, and I’m starting with this blog. I started blogging when I went to Hungary almost a year and a half ago, and while my return to Michigan rendered the original raison d’être obsolete, I decided to continue writing, and I’ve enjoyed it. But the blog has wandered a bit, floundering at points, then showing some promise before usually falling again into neglect. I thought, for instance, that the series of train posts in August 2010 was great, but when I got home, I was disappointed at my inability to keep up that momentum (so to speak).

So I’m going to try to refocus and reinvigorate my writing here. I make no promises, but the next few months will be full of changes, and I hope this will provide fertile ground for writing and reflection. The visual redesign is mostly symbolic of more substantive change, but I also thought the blog needed some visual cleaning up. For those who don’t know, I’m hoping to start a PhD program in geography in the fall, and I’m going to try to focus my writing more on geographic themes—maps, landforms, human interactions with the nonhuman world, etc.—but I also know that some of my other interests will inevitably continue to find expression, and the category menu below the header should help you navigate among general topics.

I hope you’ll keep reading! I’ve added an email subscription button at the top of the sidebar if you’d like to get updates that way, but of course I always appreciate it when you stop by to comment. Now, stay warm! It’s cold out there.

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