Eyes on Japan

I’ve been listening to the radio all weekend while working frustratedly on a mash-up map of Budapest. The news, of course, is sobering, and it puts my frustration with Java Script and HTML into perspective.

The radio coverage has been good, but there are some things that words fail to communicate.

The image above is from an interactive feature on the New York Times website that you can check out here. It shows before and after satellite images of the affected areas with a slider that lets you change the image and see the landscape transformed.

The Times’ mash-up map also does a nice job showing the extent of the shaking along with geotagged photos and information markers.

2 responses to “Eyes on Japan

  1. Wow, great link. From the March 20, 1812 entry: “We still have not found enough animals to pull the wagons and you can not find any to buy or trade.” Fascinating parallel to the fuel shortages around Sendai. Thanks Ruth!

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