21 days later

Did you know that it only takes 21 days to hatch a chick? We incubated some eggs this month, and they started breaking free of their ovoid homes on Wednesday night. It’s hard to believe they can fit inside their shells, and even harder to believe how quickly they grow. The first one that broke out quickly got on its feet and started climbing around on top of the other eggs, but its energy came in short spurts and it would oh-so-adorably drop its head mid-step and topple off an egg as it apparently fell asleep.

As with babies, you can watch as they find their voices (actually, you can hear them find their voices even before they get out of the egg), get the hang of moving around, and pretty soon discover food and water. But their little lives move at such a fast pace  that every few hours when I check on them they seem to have grown, physically, but also in the sense that they’re more aware of their surroundings, less afraid of me, less fluffy and more feathered. Pretty soon they’ll be acting like the crazy hens their mothers are.

Maybe that’s where the one got the instinct to walk around on the other eggs.

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