Say Yes! to da UP, eh?

On this day in 1836, the territory of Michigan and the state of Ohio ended their war over Toledo in a peace conference called (I kid you not) the Frostbitten Convention. It was a complicated war (if relatively bloodless) and a complicated peace, but I trust you can look up the details for yourself on Wikipedia; what matters to a Great Lakes statriot such as myself is that the end of the war spelled statehood for the land shaped like a hand.

The terms of the treaty negotiated by Congress granted Michigan statehood on condition that it cede Toledo to Ohio, and in exchange, Michigan was granted the Upper Peninsula. Little did Congress (or Michigan, for that matter) know that the UP was rich in copper and iron ore. Poor Ohio. All they got was the Mudhens.

To borrow the words of LGK, “Happy 175th birthday Michigan! High five.”

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