Song for a Tuesday

Tuesdays are the worst, and today I had a pedagogical fail. You guys, teaching is so hard! The best I can do to pick myself up off the floor is listen to Belle Brigade on repeat.

Thankfully, Oregon’s laid back citizens are teaching me lessons that were skipped in my totally depraved Calvinist early education, and I am at least learning to forgive myself.

2 responses to “Song for a Tuesday

  1. Sorry you had a bad day. Hope the lyrics and harmonies picked you up. Nice. I think I get the lyrics, but not sure I get why he abandons those poor dogs in the video… 😉

  2. Also not sure why he flipped off the house with a picket fence. Maybe because it was a white house with a picket fence??

    The video reminded me of the unofficial UW Husky theme song, Who Let the Dogs Out. Maybe that will help you with the lyrics, Tim.

    Hang in there Emma. One of these days Jane and I will head down your way and buy you a good Sleigh-grrr beer.

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