Journaling Eugene: the assignments

Modeling this project on the assignments we had in Budapest, here’s the list of things I’m going to try to do before the start of next school year.

The collectibles:
-4 coasters, napkins or order tabs from coffee shops/bars/brew pubs/restaurants, etc. that I haven’t yet been to: what’s on the menu, who goes there, what’s the place like?
-3 photographs from parts of the city that I don’t usually frequent: trying to identify something about the landscape or the people of Eugene that I don’t always notice.
-3 different church service bulletins: paying attention to the congregation, the liturgy, and the architecture.
-1 wrapper from a snack that I’ve discovered in Eugene.

The trips
-a hike to the top of Spencer’s Butte (this is the big butte at the south end of town, not the baby butte I live on downtown).
-a ride on the bus, from one end of a route to another (I have free bus access but because the city’s is so bikeable, I’ve never ridden the bus here–which is an odd experience for me)
-a drive to the coast (I hear the sea stacks are amazing, but I’ve never seen the Pacific south of the border with Washington)
-a dip in the hot springs in the mountains (clothing optional–but I think I’ll bring a suit for this one)

The events:
-a sports event: I managed to get to one Ducks football game, but I think I should go to some kind of running event since this is Tracktown, USA.
-a symphony concert
-a neighborhood association meeting

That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll add to this in the future. There have to be some interesting museums here…

One response to “Journaling Eugene: the assignments

  1. Emma, you HAVE to get to the Oregon Coast. It is so beautiful – I’ve often remarked that the Washington Coast is so boring. We used to go to the Oregon Coast quite often when we first moved to Vancouver in 1969 (holy cow that was a long time ago!) and I’ve always been partial to it. Even drug Marci and the 3 kids down there for a camping trip one summer 🙂

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