Mount Pisgah-palians

Still can’t check Spencer’s Butte off the list, but today I went for a nice 4-mile hike up and down Mount Pisgah, just outside of town. The friend I went with told me about someone she knows who calls himself a Mount Pisgah-palian for his religiously frequent trips up this hill, and I liked the ring of it, not to mention the sentiment. It was a perfect length for a sunny Sunday afternoon hike with nice views of Eugene and Springfield and the farms that surround them. Have a look!


I'm a terrible geographer and have no clear notion of what those snow-capped peaks are. Two of the Sisters, probably?


Looking towards town. Pretty sure that's Spencer's Butte on the right, but again, terrible geographer here.

I’m a little sore and I think I’ll sleep well tonight, but I feel like I’ve finally kicked the mono. Good hike, good company, lovely afternoon. Lots to look forward to as the weather gets warmer!

One response to “Mount Pisgah-palians

  1. I think you’re right about the sisters, assuming you were looking east.

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