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Making better mistakes

Working for the student newspaper at Calvin has been pretty fundamental to my being able to survive this place. It’s a bastion of liberal thought and irreverence, and nothing exemplifies that better than the annual spoof. Sometimes, its satire stinks, and sometimes it has fallen prey to the same white solipsism that plagues this entire institution, but sometimes, it’s pretty OK. This year was good.

Unfortunately, we have no funding other than casually solicited donations and our own pocket change and we’re not allowed to distribute on campus (a new policy that deserves a rant of its own), so paper copies are scarce. However, you can download a full pdf here, and please, feel free to donate to help cover some of the costs of this year’s printing and to help us get a start on fundraising for next year.

So check it out! It’s a coloring book based on an actual and already somewhat appalling publication put out by the Alumni Office that aims to convince grade schoolers to set their hearts and minds on Calvin. So get yourself some crayons, and live it up.