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say it simple, be calm, smile

A friend recently gave me a screen saver she put together of encouraging sayings and joyful images. We’re talking kitten-hugging-puppy cute. Now, I know this sounds cheesy beyond all belief, and I did delete some of the most egregiously sentimental things before making it my own computer screen saver, but I have been amazed at just how uplifting the combination of cuteness and pop wisdom can be. I find myself really believing that “this day will never happen again” and that I should “wake up and feel new.”Maybe I’m getting old or loosing my edge, but this screen saver might just make me a believer in positive thinking.

I’m not saying that if someone had said to Slobodan Milosevic, “Hey, let’s make better mistakes tomorrow,” that it would have made any difference. But there’s a reason that websites like survivingtheworld.net, cuteoverload.com, and even ones like stuffwhitepeoplelike.com are so trendy. People like to laugh and be encouraged, and dang, now I do feel better!

My angsty, political high school self would probably hate me for liking these things, but, ahem, I’ve got a thing to say to that self: “You do what you do, and they do what they do.”

So is the internet turning me into a self-obsessed blind idealist who just wants to feel good? Maybe, and that business with Milosevic is kind of a big deal. But just now, positive thinking is getting me through exams, and I’m OK with that.

looking fine, Helvetica.